Blood in the Rain (An X-COM Tale)

Mission 16--Operation Brutal Smoke: Salvador, Brazil--Lt Willis, Cpl Corriea, Sq Fitt, Maj Llewelyn, Cpt Combs, New Guy

The funeral finds XCOM at its all time low. After a series of drunken brawls, alcohol is banned from the enlisted club. Any glance at the Doom Clock shows that the end is nigh. Panic is high and the month is running out, without enough Satellites in the works to bring things back under control. Men start packing their bags, certain that their time at XCOM is drawing to a close.

Three new abduction sites hit, and it’s clear that this the panic will cause the council to dissolve, but there are still civilians at risk so the team deploys one last time.

The site is an abbatoir. The team meets heavy resistance. Cpl Corriea is critically wounded trying to hold the team’s left flank and Lt Willis is critically wounded saving him. Combs tries to kill the enemies at range but he allows himself to get too close and is killed outright. Llewelyn and Warren, the new guy, make a final push and Warren manages to capture the last alien for interrogation.

But it’s too little, too late.

There is just time to promote Llewelyn to Colonel and Warren to support before the council sends it’s final message to XCOM, disbanding the team. The world is no longer protected. The personnel return to their home and their units.

Then, late one night Correia and Llewelyn meet and discuss who’s really in charge of the world. In a back room, they begin calling other disenfranchised members of the team.

Mission 15--Operation Blind Chat: US Interior--Sq Mollerup, Cpl Tayler, Sgt Willis, Cpl Corriea, Maj Llewelyn, Sq Smith

Japan and China withdraw from the council, incrementing the doom clock by two. Morale suffers and fights begin breaking out in the XCOM commissary. When Llewelyn or Corriea are there to bust heads, things stay under control, but at one point they are absent and two new guys are injured in a brawl.

Meanwhile a UFO is shot down over the US. The team deploys and meets new aliens. The elite version of the alien “hulk” troops are devastating and manage to critically wound Smith. The rest of the squad clears the area and Sgt Willis is able to stabilize the assault specialist.

The team clears the UFO without effort and relaxes. While securing the zone for pick up, Tayler and Mollerup stumble on a new type of alien tank. It kills them both before a shot is fired. The team brings it down, but the trip back to XCOM is particularly subdued.

Willis is promoted to Lt and begins testing a new adrenal back for reviving critical soldiers.

Mission 14--Operation Crystal Dirge: Berlin, Germany--Cpl Willis, Sq Corriea, 3x New Guys

A series of abduction sites emerge and the team deploys to Berlin. They sweep the area efficiently, and while most everyone is injured there are no fatalities.

Willis is promoted to sgt and completes his medical training. Corriea is promoted to corporal. Bjorn Olson is promoted to Heavy Weapons. Mikey Renstrom is promoted to support. Matthew Fitt is promoted to sniper.

Post Mission Consequences: Panic spikes in China and Japan.

Shortly thereafter, a large UFO is spotted over the US, but our interceptors are unable to destroy and must abort.

Mission 13--Operation Lazy Fog: Pretoria South Africa--Cap. Combs, Sq Willis, Sq Tayler, 2xNew Guyy

A bomb is planted to Pretoria with several power nodes fueling it. This is an urban street crawl of the worst kind, but the team manage to cut their way through five thin men and disarm the bomb with moments to spare.

The bomb is located in a warehouse and aliens swarm the position to reactivate the bomb. Randy Tayler personally kills two aliens as they try to flank the team by swarming through a sky light.

Tayler and Willis are promoted to Cpl. New Guy Larry Corriea is promoted to heavy weapon specialist. Chris Morris is promoted to support specialist.

Mission 12--Operation Demon Giant: Nigerian Interior--Maj Llewelyn, Lt Combs, Sq Willis, Sq Tayler, New Guy

XCOM interceptors shoot down a small UFO. The team lands and sweeps left, then right, clearing the surrounding area, then assaults the UFO itself. The only thing there is an outsider, and the team kills it efficiently.

Combs is promoted to captain. New girl Jennie Mollerup is promoted to sniper.

Mission 11--Operation Crimson Stroke: Port Said, Egypt--Maj Llewelyn, Lt. Combs, 3x New Guys

The XCOM team is shaken by the loss of the squad and the Doom Clock at three. With a new slew of abductions, the team flies out to Egypt in an attempt to shake off the loses.

This is also the first use of the new carapace armor.

The men function admirably in their new team and the mission in an unqualified success. The team is confident that this will mean a fresh start for XCOM.

New guy Aaron Smith is promoted to Assault. Randy Tayler is promoted to Assault. Dan Willis is promoted to Support.

Mission 10--Operation Banished Paramour: Cpl. Daley, Cpl Linden, 3x New Guys

The aliens change their tactics and begin directly terrorizing civilians. Unfortunately, most of the experienced XCOM team members are in the infirmary at the time, leaving us sending three fresh recruits into the hardest mission to date.

Purple bug monsters abound, and one of the new guys is quickly eaten by one. The new guy then rises as a zombie and critically wounds the second new guy.

Things turn from bad to worse when a civilian zombie turns into a new purple bug monster and kills Linden while he’s trying to stabilize the second new guy.

Then a purple bug monster kills the last new guy while a new purple bug monster is born from another civie zombie.

Daley makes a final stand, but is eaten by a purple bug monster. The skyranger bugs out.

Post Mission Consequences: In light of the first complete failure on the part of XCOM, Mexico withdraws it’s support and the Doom Clock increments one.

France and Canada withdraw shortly thereafter.

Mission 9--Operation Lazy Priest: Nigerian Interior--Different New Guy, Sq. Daley, Cpt Llewelyn, Lt. Combs, Sq Linden

Alien crash site is rife with thin men. They poison and then critically injure Combs, but Linden stabilizes him. Shortly thereafter, the aliens make the mistake of swarming into a little cluster and Gary is able to test his shredder rounds on them.

Gary is promoted to Major. Daley is promoted to Corporal. Linden is promoted to corporal.

Mission 8--Operation Bloody Summer: Rio Dejinero, Mexico--Cpt Llewelyn, Sq Mat Daley, Sq Linden, Lt Combs, Some Other New Guy

Another abduction site. Urban environment. The team deployed expertly around the building and managed to take out all the ground aliens without difficulty. When the aliens on the roof tried to swarm the Cpt., the rest of the team was ready and gunned them down.

The new guy was shot up, but as Cpt. Llewelyn said, “That’s what new guys are for.”

Post Mission Consequences:

Had to hire more new guys.

Completed a satelite uplink.

Mission 7--Operation Enduring Star: Mumai, India--Lt Llewelyn, Sgt Combs, Sq Angela Daley, Sgt Bell, The Same New Guy

Another set of abductions sites pop up and the team is dispensed to Mumbai. The New Guy tries to introduce himself, since this is his second mission, but Lt Llewelyn tells him they’ll learn his name when he has proved he’s hard to kill.

This is another urban site, revolving around a building and a city block. The cover is weak, and the team is forced to take shelter behind cars in many cases.

This leads to the death of Angela Daley, who doesn’t notice in time that the aliens have set the car next to her on fire. The explosion kills her instantly.

Sgt Bell attempts to rush to her aid, and while dashing to the explosion is gunned down by a hail of plasma fire from the building’s rooftop.

The team clears the buildings, tries to find the aliens on the roof, but the aliens have already displaced. They finally find them in building below and stage an assault without their door guy. The aliens are all killed.

But the new guy dies.

“We were about to learn his name,” Lt. Llewelyn said.

Combs is promoted to Lt. and offered the team’s first battle scanner.

Llewelyn is promoted to Captain and cleared for HEAT rounds.

Post Mission Consequences:

Panic in France hits an all-time high.


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