Blood in the Rain (An X-COM Tale)

Mission 10--Operation Banished Paramour: Cpl. Daley, Cpl Linden, 3x New Guys

The aliens change their tactics and begin directly terrorizing civilians. Unfortunately, most of the experienced XCOM team members are in the infirmary at the time, leaving us sending three fresh recruits into the hardest mission to date.

Purple bug monsters abound, and one of the new guys is quickly eaten by one. The new guy then rises as a zombie and critically wounds the second new guy.

Things turn from bad to worse when a civilian zombie turns into a new purple bug monster and kills Linden while he’s trying to stabilize the second new guy.

Then a purple bug monster kills the last new guy while a new purple bug monster is born from another civie zombie.

Daley makes a final stand, but is eaten by a purple bug monster. The skyranger bugs out.

Post Mission Consequences: In light of the first complete failure on the part of XCOM, Mexico withdraws it’s support and the Doom Clock increments one.

France and Canada withdraw shortly thereafter.



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