Blood in the Rain (An X-COM Tale)

Mission 15--Operation Blind Chat: US Interior--Sq Mollerup, Cpl Tayler, Sgt Willis, Cpl Corriea, Maj Llewelyn, Sq Smith

Japan and China withdraw from the council, incrementing the doom clock by two. Morale suffers and fights begin breaking out in the XCOM commissary. When Llewelyn or Corriea are there to bust heads, things stay under control, but at one point they are absent and two new guys are injured in a brawl.

Meanwhile a UFO is shot down over the US. The team deploys and meets new aliens. The elite version of the alien “hulk” troops are devastating and manage to critically wound Smith. The rest of the squad clears the area and Sgt Willis is able to stabilize the assault specialist.

The team clears the UFO without effort and relaxes. While securing the zone for pick up, Tayler and Mollerup stumble on a new type of alien tank. It kills them both before a shot is fired. The team brings it down, but the trip back to XCOM is particularly subdued.

Willis is promoted to Lt and begins testing a new adrenal back for reviving critical soldiers.



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