Blood in the Rain (An X-COM Tale)

Mission 16--Operation Brutal Smoke: Salvador, Brazil--Lt Willis, Cpl Corriea, Sq Fitt, Maj Llewelyn, Cpt Combs, New Guy

The funeral finds XCOM at its all time low. After a series of drunken brawls, alcohol is banned from the enlisted club. Any glance at the Doom Clock shows that the end is nigh. Panic is high and the month is running out, without enough Satellites in the works to bring things back under control. Men start packing their bags, certain that their time at XCOM is drawing to a close.

Three new abduction sites hit, and it’s clear that this the panic will cause the council to dissolve, but there are still civilians at risk so the team deploys one last time.

The site is an abbatoir. The team meets heavy resistance. Cpl Corriea is critically wounded trying to hold the team’s left flank and Lt Willis is critically wounded saving him. Combs tries to kill the enemies at range but he allows himself to get too close and is killed outright. Llewelyn and Warren, the new guy, make a final push and Warren manages to capture the last alien for interrogation.

But it’s too little, too late.

There is just time to promote Llewelyn to Colonel and Warren to support before the council sends it’s final message to XCOM, disbanding the team. The world is no longer protected. The personnel return to their home and their units.

Then, late one night Correia and Llewelyn meet and discuss who’s really in charge of the world. In a back room, they begin calling other disenfranchised members of the team.



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