Blood in the Rain (An X-COM Tale)

Mission 7--Operation Enduring Star: Mumai, India--Lt Llewelyn, Sgt Combs, Sq Angela Daley, Sgt Bell, The Same New Guy

Another set of abductions sites pop up and the team is dispensed to Mumbai. The New Guy tries to introduce himself, since this is his second mission, but Lt Llewelyn tells him they’ll learn his name when he has proved he’s hard to kill.

This is another urban site, revolving around a building and a city block. The cover is weak, and the team is forced to take shelter behind cars in many cases.

This leads to the death of Angela Daley, who doesn’t notice in time that the aliens have set the car next to her on fire. The explosion kills her instantly.

Sgt Bell attempts to rush to her aid, and while dashing to the explosion is gunned down by a hail of plasma fire from the building’s rooftop.

The team clears the buildings, tries to find the aliens on the roof, but the aliens have already displaced. They finally find them in building below and stage an assault without their door guy. The aliens are all killed.

But the new guy dies.

“We were about to learn his name,” Lt. Llewelyn said.

Combs is promoted to Lt. and offered the team’s first battle scanner.

Llewelyn is promoted to Captain and cleared for HEAT rounds.

Post Mission Consequences:

Panic in France hits an all-time high.



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