Blood in the Rain, An Introduction

Note: For those of you who saw this earlier, I’ve restarted and reupdated this page. The XCOM manual is about three pages long and I needed to play a normal difficulty just to figure out how things worked on the strategic layer (it took me five missions to figure out how to build more fighters.) So I’m restarting and I’ve updated this page to reflect the new ground rules.

I’ve recently begun playing X-COM: Enemy Unknown. I’ll be naming the soldiers after people I know and I’m playing on a relatively high difficulty. Since I’ll soon be tweeting about the death of certain people, some of them in the public eye, I thought I’d put this page up as a central place where you can see what the hell I’m talking about.


In the early portion of the game, there will be light spoilers. The spoilers will become more extreme as I get further into the game.

Ground Rules

I’ll be playing on Classic Difficulty. This is the second highest difficulty and I expect heavy losses.

I’ll NOT be playing in Iron Man mode, but I am going to restrict my ability to reload saves. The rules are as follows:

I am permitted to reload the game in the event of some kind of glitch. This usually involves me throwing a grenade onto the wrong part of the map because the interface suddenly shifts.

I am permitted to reload the game if a mission goes south because I order my men to the wrong location due to an altitude glitch.

I am permitted to reload if a game goes soft because I didn’t know what soldier I had selected when I gave an order (I know this one should all be on me, but I don’t want you dying because I thought I had Gary selected and I sent Brenda into a death trap because of it.

I don’t know what I’ll do if the game gives me the option to restart a mission. If it does, that probably means that I restart or the game is over, so I suspect I’ll need to take the option if play through is a popular read among those who follow me. I might take a vote if that’s the case.

There is a secret rule that I will not reveal, but that allows me to reload a save.

Even with these exceptions, this combination should lead to a very high death count (although I haven’t lost a person in the first five missions, they get MUCH harder.)

There is a high probability that this will mean the game will end in failure.

Blood in the Rain (An X-COM Tale)